How Smart Real Estate Can Help Improve Housing Quality in Nigeria

Smart Home Installation for Real Estate Developers

The quality of housing in Nigeria has been a major concern for many years, . In order to improve housing quality in the country, smart real estate solutions must be employed. Smart real estate solutions are those that use modern technology to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the real estate industry for instance Green […]

Real Estate Smart home Automation; Changing your sales game.

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Sales and Marketing strategy is common and paramount to owning a real estate company. These strategies could differ among firms, but it still remains delicate. Business sustainability strategy can also be simply enhanced by a sales plan or as I would call it, a sales air jordan high tops best nfl uniforms adidas white […]


The only constant in life is change — Heraclitus Introduction. Unceasingly, technology in the housing industry has been advancing over the years, for better welfare, easier living conditions for us, and of course, convenience and as humans beings, we would like to get in pace with these kinds of advancements, I mean no one wants […]