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Everything Smart Technology is Innovating Homes Where You’re Secured, Convenient productive, and entertained using Smart Home Technology.

When it comes to buying a house or selecting where to live so many things come to your mind before making a final decision. One of the delicate considerations of the person is security and comfort among others.yeezy adidas custom jerseys football nfl super bowl custom design green bay packers cheap sex toys cheap jordan 1s cheap wigs custom apparel nfl super bowl nfl jersey for sale best lace front wigs mens nike air max 97 adidas ultra boost sale cheap nfl jerseys

We all know how annoying and stressful it is to repeatedly clean the floor of our houses or the clumsiness and extra thinking task that comes with going everywhere with a house. Or the reluctant feeling to switch off the light in your room after you have tucked yourself in bed.

Envisaging a way to assist people to expend all these daily inconveniences, led to the development of Smart home technologies. Hence Everything Smart Technology is a company with the vision of exposing Africans to the relish of smart home Technology.

What do you get?

High-end technologies like this are not found all over the place and also come with complexities in installation. The responsibility for the provision and installation of the products is on our team of highly proficient technicians.

Our services to clients do not end at the installation phase. We continue to serve clients post installation; a coalition of clients’ feedback and rectify any technical issue.

When you hear about automated homes, It is very common to assume a kind of twisted wiring connections all over the place. Which might involve breaking walls and all of that, But with our advanced and skilled technicians gone are those methods. We also offer a retrofitting method that doesn’t require putting holes into your homes.

Curbing the old ways

Our products aid in parting ways with the traditional way of life you are accustomed to, creating better living conditions with one of our goals.

You are quite used to going out with a bunch of keys and always bothered about losing them or duplicating keys or at worse having to break locks if you eventually lose your keys. Our smart access system which includes biometric locks eliminates this burden. Its Biometric and card system coupled with the app gives your the perfect seamless access into and out of your spaces. We have come a long way as humans to automate repeated tasks, just as we have the washing machine to do the laundry, EST LiDar Vacuum cleaner automates sweeping and mopping the horizontal floor of the home. A lot of activities can be automated in the home so we can focus on the things we care about the most.

Actualize your fantasy

Using Smart devices is a great way for you to create happiness. This is just one of the wide range of reasons you should make use of smart technologies in your home. If you’re interested in creating scenes and automation, then you’re in the right place.

With smart home automation you can create plenty of scenarios in your wish, For instance, you can set your smart lights to slowly come on at sunrise, this way you can wake up each day with the light gently waking you up. With the ‘scene’ feature on our app, you can create your admirable scenario to watch movies. For example, you love watching movies in a setting where the lights (or specific lights) are turned off, your blinds closed and Ac turned off. The ‘scene’ feature has you covered, you don’t have to do any of these manually. You can generate several scenes to your wish.

Commanding your home

One of the most significant attributes of our products is its handiness. Unlike the traditional way where you have to get things done for your house with these products, the case is reversed. An app (for Android and IOS users) and voice command system are readily available for you.

Through Bluetooth, wifi, or other wireless networks, you can seamlessly control your home from anywhere via the app or voice command. The ability to control your home from anywhere is a dream finally come true. Yes, your guess is as good as true. What if I have an interrupted or fluctuating network, how do I go about it? There is the ability to overwrite these functions manually; at the discretion of the users. You’re still in control!

With either the app or voice command you get the automated products to do what you want. On the application, there are a series of directories on it. Our products are integrated with popular platforms like Google, Alexa, and Siri. So you can choose the voice assistant that you love the most.


In conclusion, smart home automation is changing the way we interact with our homes, allowing us to have greater control over our environment and be more energy efficient. It has made our homes more secure, and with the help of modern technology, it is easier to keep our homes safe from intruders. As we move further away from traditional ways of curbing our homes, smart home automation provides an innovative and exciting way to do so. With this new technology, we can create a safer, more efficient and sustainable environment for our families and friends.

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