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Unceasingly, technology in the housing industry has been advancing over the years, for better welfare, easier living conditions for us, and of course, convenience and as humans beings, we would like to get in pace with these kinds of advancements, I mean no one wants to be left behind. Hence the slow sales of properties from those companies that refuse to adapt.adidas yeezy foam rnnr long distance couples sex toys nike air max 95 womens wigs online adidas shoes on sale best sex toy store denver broncos adidas shoe on sale couples sex toys nfl team shop best nfl jerseys custom jerseys sex toys nike air jordan 4 black adidas yeezy foam runner

Smart Home Is Just so Cool.

Imagine walking into your house and with just a simple gesture or recognition of your voice, your light and air conditioner get switched on. Okay, let’s broaden your imagination, you rushed back from work to get something from the house but then you forget your keys, that is not an issue as your door is a smart one and can grant you access either by fingerprints, pin or facial recognition, Great, isn’t it? Well, welcome back from your imaginations, good part is these are realistic imaginations (just to mention a few). however, these smart home infrastructures are missing in homes, developed by some real estate firms.

The new homeowner wants something more.

Some real estate firms who deal with properties on the island are as old as the state itself and for one reason or other has managed not to change to the flow of recent advanced housing system and technology

Just like I said, nobody wants to be left behind and as a result, clients no longer want just exquisite houses, but exquisite houses with smart technologies which means smart homes. This created a gap between real estate firms and homeowners and sequentially, has done nothing but slow down the sales of properties in these areas. Although some developers have made efforts to build smart homes making use of wired internet to connect the devices and systems, these require the breaking of walls and expensive server racks. A retrofitting option was needed to ‘smarten’ up these buildings


A team of proficient technicians is required to deploy their services and keep the system up to date, most developers outsource this project to smart installation companies, i.e. Everything Smart TechnologyCompanies as such have developed a system to build smart homes and offer long-term services to their clients. The avalanche of these technological devices enables these companies to upgrade a normal house into a smart one with both retrofitting and non-retrofitting options.

Smart houses are gradually becoming a trend in Nigeria and several real estate firms. They have incorporated the trend into new homes (new homes deserve new trends). It is expected for other states to also take this trend by storm to improve the quality of houses in the state.

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