Increase Profits From The Fast Sale Of Smart Buildings

Smart Home Installation for Real Estate Developers | Make your properties and projects a major demand in the market by upgrading to smart projects and buildings.

Smart Home Installation for Real Estate Developers

Build Smart and Green Estates

Building a smart and green estate has never been easier with our services as we have infrastructure that supports building an efficient and sustainable smart and green estate.

Make any Project a Smart and Green Project

From Blocks of flats to Commercial Projects, making it smart to increase power efficiency, bring convenience, improve well-being and health, and so on will bring the value of the project to new heights.

Home Installation Illustrration

Smart Home Installation

Smart home installation involves smart electrical wiring, device connection, and fittings, making your building a smart one and ready for automation and programming.

Smart Home Automation Illustration

Smart Home Automation

Smart home automation is the client-facing stage that involves customizing a smart home installation according to the client's specification by programming the smart building.

Why Should You Upgrade Your Projects?

The Smart Building industry is relatively new and still growing. Your company will enjoy several benefits when you upgrade your buildings into smart projects.

Increased Revenue

Building or upgrading to a smart project will increase your revenue margin to around 30 to 60 percent,

Fast Sales

The low availability and the high rate of demand for smart homes drive the speed of sales.

New Clients

Adds new clients to your client base due to the increase in the demand for home innovation with smart technology.

Quality Clients

It adds quality clientele to your customer base as smart homes attract clients who desire a smart quality lifestyle and attract foreign clients more because smart homes have similar features in their countries.

WHY should you CHOOSE Everything smart?

Purchasing smart devices and installing them without proper advisory and consultation can leave you with broken and disconnected systems. With our smart device ecosystem, our experienced team will install and automate your buildings and projects easily.

We offer long-term services to our clients and continuous support of devices. 

Our smart system and devices matched with our personalized app perfectly allows for seamless sync across all IoT standards, solving major connectivity, availability, and device maintenance  issues.


Depending on the type of project, client demands, finances, business models, and other factors, you can choose the option that best suits your business model.



This offer is for Real Estate Developers and Project Managers looking for a one-stop solution for building smart buildings and projects and plan to sell the property without furnishing. It involves smart electrical wiring and basic smart device installation, preparing it for automation and programming. Some clients have specific requirements regarding how they want to automate their smart home and its functions. 


Installation + Post-installation + Automation + Programming

Real Estate Developers and Project Managers who intend to sell a fully-functional property to their clients can opt for this option. It is suitable for clients that want a fully functional, programmed, and automated smart building. It involves installation, programming and automation, where the entire project is fully ready for clients and homeowners to move into.


Includes smart devices and installation suitable for any smart building or project.


Installation involves high-tech devices suitable for large projects and clients with higher budgets.

Ready for a Showroom?

Most clients always want to see a showroom before deciding to buy a smart building from your company. Let’s help you do that.

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