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SMART HOMES IN NIGERIA; What is a Smart Home?

In recent years, the concept of a “smart home” has become increasingly popular in Nigeria. But what exactly is a smart home? This article will discuss the concept of a smart home in the Nigerian context, and explore the various benefits that come with having one.nike air jordan 11 midnight navy nfl fantasy football adidas yeezy 700 custom nfl jersey custom bowling jerseys dallas cowboys nfl nike air max womens nike air max 98 cheap jerseys online ass sex toy best couples sex toys yeezy adidas shoes wigs store nfl apparel nike air jordan mid

A smart house on a basic level is a house or building that has been equipped with smart devices connected via a protocol. Smart home devices are accompanied by a dashboard that enables homeowners to control and monitor electronic devices through an app or a dedicated screen device. The building can be automatically controlled, monitored, and managed remotely using a networked device, providing convenience and comfort for the homeowner.

The smart home system enables devices in your home like air conditioners, water heaters, fridges, blinds, curtains, entertainment sets, etc to be integrated into the internet for easy access and control via voice command or app control.

For example, instead of manually using a broom to sweep your house the smart vacuum cleaner would do that. Similarly, you can use a voice command or app control to switch on home appliances.

In doing these, it offers a number of benefits which are:

Power Management

Each electronic device in the home has a power microchip that measures the power consumed by the device. The smart home system then monitors the power usage of these devices through a simplified dashboard which helps the homeowner know the amount of power they consume on a daily basis and helps them manage it. So with this, they can schedule on and off times for various devices in their home for efficient power management.

As we all know, the cost of power consumption in different parts of Nigeria especially in estates on Lagos island is constantly on the rise. Smart power management can help you reduce your current electricity bill by more than 40%.

Home Security

With the best smart technology devices, the homeowner has full control and access to the home. This system provides biometric unlock systems and remote generation of controlled access to the home, an outdoor smart camera home system, and also motion tracking cameras that protect your home and get you notified about unusual occurrences remotely. It also gives you access to all this through your mobile phone which concludes control and security.

Smart Home Security comes an advanced feature, ‘Security Arming’ to simply put, security arming is putting your home on high alert in the instances of strange and unusual instances- instances of your own specification- Security arming provides sensors and triggers that are placed around the buildings to protect and report unusual events for you to take necessary actions.

it’s quite evident here that the government has little or no concerns about its citizen’s home security. Hence, we are left to protect ourselves. This is one very efficient way of doing that.

Environmental Preservation and Hazard Prevention

Smart homes technology system provides app-controlled air purifiers, smoke, and natural gas high-quality detectors to help report leakages and filter out air pollutants like dust and soot and reduce the risk of health damages, and report water leakages.

Health and Wellbeing

A smart home does not only provides control; it also brings about a quality and healthy living environment, providing better quality in your home and perfect lighting for any time of the day, with the special ambient light to gently awaken you in the night and feel like your high are being attacked by sudden brightness of the light to your eyes.

Intercom and Broadcasting

An intercom is a two-way communication electronic device for transmitting and receiving audio or video broadcast to different rooms in the home, having real-time video and audio communication across the house.

Improve Kitchen Efficiency

This works seamlessly with smart kitchen devices and equipment like air fryers, food processor, smart instant pot, etc. to make cooking stress-free and enjoyable and prevents accidents in the kitchen.


All the qualities and benefits of a smart home align together to give what I will term the most important: convenience. A smart home should provide the utmost convenience for the owner, i.e. making cleaning easier with a robot vacuum cleaner at any time and being able to control remotely, tuning your home lights through app control or voice command, set reminders, and view recipes easily with smart speakers and display, control shades, curtains, and other appliances remotely, giving your home a classy look with high-tech hardware to provide the best convenient service.


Smart homes are becoming increasingly popular in Nigeria, providing homeowners with the convenience and comfort of controlling and monitoring their homes remotely. A smart home is a house or building that has been equipped with smart devices connected via a protocol. These devices are accompanied by a dashboard that allows homeowners to control and monitor electronic devices through an app or a dedicated screen device. With the help of a networked device, the building can be automatically controlled, monitored, and managed remotely, making life easier and more efficient for the homeowner.

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