How Smart Real Estate Can Help Improve Housing Quality in Nigeria

Smart Home Installation for Real Estate Developers

The quality of housing in Nigeria has been a major concern for many years, . In order to improve housing quality in the country, smart real estate solutions must be employed. Smart real estate solutions are those that use modern technology to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the real estate industry for instance Green […]

Why should I Get a smart home?

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Smart homes are becoming increasingly popular in Nigeria. With the advancement of technology, more and more people are looking to make their homes smarter and more connected. Smart homes offer a range of benefits, from convenience and comfort to improved security and energy efficiency. This article will explore why a smart home is a great […]

What is a Smart Home from a Nigerian perspective?

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A smart home is the integration of technology and services through home networking either wireless (ZigBee, WIFI, Bluetooth etc.) or wired (Cat6 ethernet etc.)for a better quality of living. It uses different technologies to equip home parts for more intelligent monitoring, and remote control and enable them for influential harmonic interaction among them such that […]

How Smart Home Power Management Can Help You Save Money on Your Energy Bill in 2023.

How Smart Home Power Management Can Help You Save Money on Your Energy Bill in 2023 everything smart tech

Smart home power management is becoming increasingly popular as a way to save money on energy bills in 2023. By using smart home technology to monitor and control the usage of electricity in the home, homeowners can save money on their energy bills by reducing their energy consumption and taking advantage of the latest energy-saving […]

Introduction to Smart Home Power Efficiency.

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 Smart home technology has become increasingly popular in recent years, offering homeowners the ability to control their home’s energy use from anywhere with the touch of a button. Smart home technology has the potential to save homeowners in Nigeria money on their energy bills by allowing them to better manage their energy usage and increase […]

SMART HOMES IN NIGERIA; What is a Smart Home?

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In recent years, the concept of a “smart home” has become increasingly popular in Nigeria. But what exactly is a smart home? This article will discuss the concept of a smart home in the Nigerian context, and explore the various benefits that come with having one. A smart house on a basic level is a […]

Real Estate Smart home Automation; Changing your sales game.

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Sales and Marketing strategy is common and paramount to owning a real estate company. These strategies could differ among firms, but it still remains delicate. Business sustainability strategy can also be simply enhanced by a sales plan or as I would call it, a sales game. Real Estate Smart home Automation The regular strategies we […]

Every bit and myth of Smart Home Automation in Nigeria

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Smart home technology is emerging rapidly as an exciting new paradigm. A wide range of aspects that includes security lighting, energy-saving, ventilation, convenience, hands-free control, wellbeing, environmental and weather, and the smart kitchen among several others. However, Nigeria is known for its infamous stunted growth, especially in the aspect of the adoption of technology. As […]


The only constant in life is change — Heraclitus Introduction. Unceasingly, technology in the housing industry has been advancing over the years, for better welfare, easier living conditions for us, and of course, convenience and as humans beings, we would like to get in pace with these kinds of advancements, I mean no one wants […]