How Do You Read a Balance Sheet?

Content The Balance Sheet And Income Statement For Beginners Cash Flow Statements Yahoo Finance How to Calculate Debt Coverage Ratio Components of a balance sheet Profit Margin, Gross Margin, and Net Profit Margin: A Quick Guide Lastly, inventory represents the company’s raw materials, work-in-progress goods, and finished goods. Depending on the company, the exact makeup of […]

Horizontal Analysis Percentage Change Calculation

Content How to Do Horizontal Analysis? Horizontal Analysis Example of Horizontal analysis Horizontal Analysis Formula Example of Horizontal Analysis Horizontal Analysis vs. Vertical Analysis Liquidity Ratios – Determine how quickly a company could pay its current, short-term, obligations, if they were due right away. Profitability Ratios – Determine how well a company produces returns on […]

What Is Estimated Tax and Who Must Pay It?

Content – 2023 Federal Standard Deductions Estimated Tax Payments 2023: How They Work, When to Pay Penalty for Underpayment of Estimated Taxes Step 3: Work With the IRS After Your Return Has Been Filed What should you do if you don’t receive your paycheck or your paycheck is late? Track My Refund: How to Check […]

The Trust Accounting Guide for Lawyers

Content Chart of Accounts Get clear on your tax obligations The difference between law firm bookkeeping and accounting 3 Ways to Get More Law Clients: Show Authority, Credibility & Capability Why outsource your law firm bookkeeping? Other Law Firm Accounting Best Practices Your law firm will also be able to set revenue benchmarks, which will […]