Black Soot in Port Harcourt – Everything to know

black soot effect in port harcourt

What is Black Soot?

Black soot is a product of the incomplete combustion of fueled carbon. You see, when carbon burns all the way through, very little residue is left. When it doesn’t, it leaves behind a black, flaky substance called soot. So it’s basically produced when carbon burns incompletely, which makes it difficult to breathe clean air.dallas cowboys jersey jordan shoes on sale dallas cowboys jersey custom design custom jersey nike air max terrascape 90 on feet nike air jordan 6 custom jerseys cheap sex toys jersey store adidas yeezy foam best wig outlet nike air jordan 11 midnight navy wigs for sale silicone ass sex toy

As a homeowner or office owner, you are bound to experience black soot at some point. It usually comes in the form of a dark matter that mysteriously appears, discoloring your walls and ceilings and leaving permanent damage to the environment, especially in an oil-focused state like Rivers.

Effect of Black Soot

EST Smart Air Purifier was designed to combat this issue. Introducing the EST Smart Air Purifier into our rooms, houses, and offices will help solve the above problems caused by this black soot, air pollutant, and other unwanted particles in the air. It takes in the bad air, filters it, purifies it, disinfects it, removes odor from it then sends the fresh air back into the environment, thereby improving the air quality. The EST Smart Air Purifier comes in different sizes suiting your needs and size in your home or your place of work.

“EST Air purifiers are an increasingly important component of people’s healthy homes and healthy working environments. If you want to improve your indoor air quality, keep your environment clean, and improve your health, EST Smart air purifiers for the home and offices are a great way to start.”

Here at Everything Smart, smart air Purifier devices have been designed to provide people with cleaner and better air in our homes and offices, reducing the risk of any health hazards caused by air pollutants, black soot, and also bacteria and viruses. It features the latest science, technology, and air quality trends in order to bring you the highest quality and researched back air purifiers worldwide.

Our Air Purifier comes in different ranges suiting the area in which you’d like to have cleaner and better air. There are

  1. Desktop/Room Range
  2. Household Range
  3. Commercial Range

EST Smart  Air purifiers are designed to suit your room needs, house needs, and office needs with their Beautiful aesthetic design, features, and functions, which makes them easy and reliable to use.


EST Smart air Purifier


FILTERS: As black soot air pollutants continue to spread across the city. Research indicates that some air purifiers can protect against the black soot pollutant by reducing the amount of smoke, chemical, bacteria, dust, and virus particles in the air. Smart Air purification systems achieve this with the following methods:

Hepa Filtration: Smart air purifiers contain a HEPA filter, a fine mesh filter that traps airborne particles as air is pushed through it. Studies show that the HEPA filter can reduce the level of black soot pollutants in the air, potentially reducing the bacteria and virus load. HEPA filters can also remove up to 99% of airborne particulates and can effectively reduce VOCs, allergens, mold, and viruses.

Carbon Filtration: Smart air purifiers also contain a carbon filter, which helps to capture other airborne particles in the air as little as foul and unwanted odor caused by the black soot air pollutant, smoke, chemical, dust mites, and pollen. All these particles in the air can be cleared in minutes with EST Smart Air Purifier.

Smart Air Purifier filters come with a pre-filter which helps the effectiveness and workability of our HEPA and Carbon filter. Using these filter methods is what gives you the guarantee that EST Smart Air Purifier has been designed to create better and cleaner air for the environment.
Disinfect Harmful microorganisms with Ultraviolet lamp (UV)

AIR QUALITY INDICATOR: Smart Air Purifier has a four-color light indicator, this indicator is used to determine the condition of the air in the environment where the purifiers have been. Due to the condition of the air in the environment don’t be alarmed when the indicator shows red, that only specify that the air condition in that environment is really bad, but as the air purifier continues to work it will show when the air around that environment is finally clean indicating the green color in a number of minutes.

POWER: Smart Air Purifier does not require massive power for it to work. It has been designed in a way that requires little amount of power for it to function around our homes and offices. The commercial range only needs 90W and the household range only needs 50W of power.

APP AND REMOTE CONTROL: EST smart Purifier can be used with “Everything Smart App” available on both play store and apple apps store, to control the speed, see air quality, and the all amazing automation which allows you to set speed, level and cleaning power based on air quality, time, weather, any conditions.

MODE: Smart Air Purifier consists of both the intelligent and sleep mode. This means that the Air purifier can be set on how you want it to run i.e. you don’t have to set and reset it every time. It can be configured to your taste time, and power usage.

FILTER REPLACEMENT INDICATOR: This indicator shows when purifiers’ indicators need to be changed. Our Smart Air Purifier filters need to be changed every three months due to the condition of the black soot pollutant. The indicator will show to remind you when the filter needs to be changed, making it easier and more effective when in use.

CHILD LOCK:  This feature makes sure your purifier is not tampered with when it has been set and configured. To prevent accidental changes in settings

Apart from Removal of black soot, EST Smart Air Purifier can also remove: