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Every bit and myth of Smart Home Automation in Nigeria

Smart home technology is emerging rapidly as an exciting new paradigm. A wide range of aspects that includes security lighting, energy-saving, ventilation, convenience, hands-free control, wellbeing, environmental and weather, and the smart kitchen among several air max 97 black buffalo bills apparel big and tall nfl jerseys wig sales adidas yeezy foam runner mens stores adidas outlet store custom jerseys nfl jersey for sale adidas yeezy boost 700 nike air jordan 6 rings adidas shoes for men mens nike air max 97 wigs for sale jordan sale human hair wigs

However, Nigeria is known for its infamous stunted growth, especially in the aspect of the adoption of technology. As a result, it is not unexpected to hear and see title tattles about technology developments. A notable instance of this can be seen in 2020 when a Pastor publicly demonized the 5G network without scientific backing.

Myth about smart homes.

In retrospect to this, smart home technology, despite the unrivaled benefits are not exempted from these misconceptions which are…

It requires Lots of Complicated Electrical Wiring work.

Smart home automation is often seen as a complicated and expensive endeavor. However, contrary to popular belief, it does not necessarily require lots of complicated electrical wiring work. In fact, with the right technology, it can be an easy and cost-effective way to upgrade your home. It is quite expected for one to assume that building a new smart home or renovating one, requires a lot of wiring. The technical electrical wiring required for a smart home is not as complicated as it is believed to be, most modern houses already have this system of wiring included in it’s building. In older buildings where rewiring is not an option, retrofitting options are readily available to fit and integrate seamlessly.

High Energy Bills.

“Using smart systems would inevitably result in higher energy bills” is another myth concerning smart homes. This is completely off point and far from the truth, in fact, the opposite is the case.

Despite the popular misconception that Smart Home Automation will lead to higher energy bills, the truth is that Smart Home Automation can actually help reduce energy bills. Smart Home Automation systems monitor energy usage and adjust settings such as temperature and lighting to reduce energy costs. Smart Home Automation systems can also detect when energy is being wasted and alert homeowners so they can take corrective action. Smart Home Automation systems can also be programmed to shut off energy-consuming devices when not in use, further reducing energy costs. With the right Smart Home Automation system, homeowners can save money on their energy bills

Smart home systems offered by Everything Smart Tech for instance have a Power management system that can reduce the electricity bill by almost 40%.

Expensive to set up.

Misconception: Smart home automation is only for luxury homes.

Reality: Smart home automation can be used in any type of home, regardless of its size or value. Smart home automation services are designed to make living in any home more convenient, productive, secure, entertaining, energy-efficient and safe. There are customizable options that are tailored to meet the homeowner’s needs, whether they want a few systems or a full home automation package.

It has been seen as a luxury only available to those with deep pockets. This is a misconception, however, as there are a variety of cost-effective solutions that can be tailored to meet any budget that is without breaking the bank.

But smart automation services are usually for highly valued properties in order to make living in these homes convenient, productive, secure, entertaining, energy efficient and improve safety. At the same time, there are also options that do not require that many systems work. It’s all that the homeowner wants.

Easily hacked.

Most smart home companies pay serious attention and research to this aspect as it’s the most important feature. Everything Smart devices are Encrypted on board and in the cloud, the connection is always secured.

And a lot more…

I assume I have familiarized you with a few misconceptions regarding smart homes and in the process and debunked some surrounding smart homes.

A smart home is the integration of technology and services through home networking for a better quality of living. It uses different technologies to equip home parts for more intelligent monitoring, remote control and enable them for influential harmonic interaction among them such that the everyday house works and activities are automated with and without user intervention, also with the remote control of the user in an easier, more convenient, more efficient, safer, and less expensive way.


Smart home technology is an exciting new paradigm that is rapidly changing the way we live. From energy-saving to convenience and well-being, this advanced technology has become an integral part of our daily lives. Though there may be some misconceptions, there is no doubt that Smart home Automation has improved our quality of life by providing increased safety, security, and comfort in our homes. Smart homes are no longer just a dream of the future, but a reality we can all enjoy today!

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